Peter Thomas


5-minute Preview

Recorded 5 April 2024 - First Broadcast 27 April 2024 - Hosted by George Matlock -

🚀 Our guest is perhaps the ultimate Elton John fan - at least as a collector. A former BBC engineer, he is an Elton archivist who also manufactures speakers - which were used to play back The Union album to Elton! He has acetates galore, helped track down bonus material for various 50th anniversary Elton album releases, boasts a plethora of Elton music never released and specialises in the rare 1960s repertoire that fans often get confused by - and end up out of pocket buying the same thing twice. So Peter is something of an ex officio consumer warrior! In this episode he shares his passion for everything Elton John but also gives fans handy tips on how to protect their treasure trove of Elton collectables.

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